Red Meat Industry Forum For Butchers, Farmers And Trade


Far from any movement away from read meat consumption, the world demand is growing. Developing nations as well as first world requirements are ensuring that red meat is staying top of the table. Yet recent scandals involving horse meat and other contaminate issues shows us all that there is still a lot of work to do to ensure the food chain stays replenished but safe and to satisfactory standards.

The Red Meat Industry Forum enables all that work within the realms of the industry to share ideas and concerns. There are a lot of people in the chain of events that ensure that a quality side of beef or joint of lamb is as tasty as it should be when laid on the table in the family home at dinner time. Yet it is not just the meat that is our concern. The by products of the industry are also far reaching. From supplements to cattle feed, homewares and clothing accessories which utilise leathers. These are all areas which the red meat industry forum wishes to educate upon, research and deliberate.

While our achievements can be recognised through profits and sales. There is also a tremendous amount of work to be done when it comes to climate change and our mark left on the environment and the ecological effects therein. Whether you are a retailer, butcher, run an abattoir, trade in meat or buy for consumption or source, skin, hides and leathers for manufacturing. It is essential that the public and government understand the processes so that business can ensure a safe and healthy environment for their cattle, livestock and the renewal of such, going forward.

The future of the red meat industry is also paramount in our minds. As a collective of business people and farmers which are seeking to maximise profits we need to ensure our meat and cattle by products are serving the needs of businesses and retailers which source our products. The digital age has also changed the means by which we operate. We can now track cattle on the move, access meat markets and trade more quickly altering cost and profit over night and present out meat offerings direct to the public without any need to be blind sighted or costed down by retailers.

While religion, future tech and concerns about cloning affect the red meat industry at large. There are minor factors such as feed control and usage, anaerobic digestion and labelling which seeks to add further levels of legislation to our industry. Feel free to utilise the red meat industry forum and access the wealth of information within.

  • Catering services can be used for a wide variety of events to provide people with high quality food, including high standard cuts of beef for a barbeque, or more simple party food.

  • With any type of meat, the two biggest factors which will affect the taste is the qaulity of the meat and then how the food is prepared. Food preparation, from having a qualified highly skilled butcher give you a great cut, to using a great balance of seasonings and cooking to perfection.

  • Sometimes it can be difficult to tell the difference between high quality food and low quality, which is why having industry standards and certifications holds value, both to protect consumers and the producers who put the investment into producing a high quality product.